Monday, May 9, 2011


Back in January, I did a photo walk during the early morning hours in Leesburg, VA.   One of the images I captured was of this window in Market Station off Harrison Street.  You can see the original image in my January post.  

I really like the lines and texture of the image, so I entered it into the Loudoun Photo Club's "Doors and Windows" competition in April.  To my delight, it won 1st place in the Advanced Monochrome category and Best in Show overall.  Roy Sewall, a local photographer specialize in the Great Falls and Mather Gorge area, was the competition judge.

I processed the raw image through Adobe Camera Raw to bring out the texture of the wood, then used a couple curve adjustment layers in multiply blending mode to further enhance the texture and bring out detail in the background shadows.  Finally I used a Photoshop black and white adjustment layer to covert the image to monochrome.

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  1. This is really fantastic Tim, sorry I missed the show. I have a photo I just took in Paris which I would dearly love to fix but I simply do not have the computer skills.