Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Golden Gate at Sunrise

I had the opportunity to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge.  This was my first time at the bridge during sunrise.   As on my first visit, I was fortunate to have remarkably clear weather, although my shooting angle was essentially the same as the last photo in my second visit.   Since I was shooting into the sunrise, I was pretty much done by the time the sun actually rose above the horizon.   I was glad of this later when I encountered the traffic delay from an accident on the way to SFO for my late morning flight.

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise
This image is a merge of three images taken in portrait orientation and then combined using Photoshop CS5.  Each exposure is 30 seconds long.


  1. Great photo Tim and nice stitch job. Dave Hearne

  2. Stunning.

    You might want to include a link on the last entry of your old blog to this new blog. I had trouble finding it -- of course that could be because it is so late and my brain is less effective than usual.

    Happy Easter!