Saturday, June 25, 2011

Allegheny National Forest

I captured these images during a recent trip the the Allegheny National Forest.  I loved the way the early morning light was hitting these trees.  This image was created by deliberately moving the lens while pressing the shutter to emphasize the straight form of this particular area of Cook Forest, located near the Allegheny National Forest.  Cook Forest and Allegheny National Forest are located in north west Pennsylvania.

Morning Light
 I was drawn to the contrast in size between this young pine tree and its full size parent next to it.  It reminded me of the way young animals stick close to their parent.
One day, I'll be big too
 I was surprised to see this life guard chair out in the middle of Cook Forest.  Turns out it was there for a French and Indian War reenactment the following weekend, but it just looked so out of place I had to capture it.
Where's the pool?
 I came across a tree that had been uprooted.  This particular portion reminded me of a bird about to take flight from roots of this old tree.

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